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PSYNDEX is the most comprehensive abstract database referencing psychological literature, audiovisual media, intervention programs, and tests from the German-speaking countries.

PSYNDEX contains two database segments: PSYNDEX Literature and Audiovisual Media with records of psychological publications from authors in the German-speaking countries, audiovisual media, and extensive descriptions of intervention programs; PSYNDEX Tests with descriptions of tests in use in the German-speaking countries.

Approximately 30% of the records are in English or have English abstracts. All records have English title translations, descriptors, classification categories, and key concepts (literature and audiovisual media records only), so even if you don't speak German, PSYNDEX is still a great research tool for you. The database is searchable in German and English.

Additional information about PSYNDEX can be found in the sections Literature1, Audiovisual Media2, Intervention Programs3, and Tests4.

Subject Coverage

Literature & Audiovisual Media: Psychology, including aspects of psychiatry, medicine, education, sociology, sport, linguistics, business management, criminology relevant for psychology

Tests: Psychology, education


Literature & Audiovisual Media:
Since 1977: Over 329,000 literature records (yearly, approximately 10,000 records), including over 2,950 descriptions of audiovisual media (yearly, approximately 100 records). More than 80,000 records are in English or have an English abstract.

Since 1945: Over 7,200 test records (yearly, approximately 150 records)


Literature & AV Media: weekly (ZPID)
monthly (Ovid; EBSCO)
quarterly (GBI-Genios)
Tests: biannually

Database Producer

Leibniz-Zentrum für Psychologische Information und Dokumentation (ZPID).

Database Vendors

The database is marketed under the name PSYNDEX by GBI-Genios, and PSYNDEXplus with TestFinder by Ovid.

PSYNDEX is part of PubPsych now. PubPsych is a free information retrieval system for psychological resources. It offers a comprehensive and balanced selection of resources from a growing number of international databases with a European focus, covering the needs of academic and professional psychologists.

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