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Accession Number0201253
Publication TypeAudiovisual Document (40)
TitlePersuasion in everyday life.
Ueberredung im taeglichen Leben.
AuthorInsight Media [Ed.]
Corporate URL
SourceNew York: Insight Media (2007).
Series: Abnormal Psychology
Price: US$ 169,00
Note: DVD; 25 Minuten
Location: Insight Media, New York: #20AP5374
Year of Publication2007
Media TypeCD-ROM/DVD/Disc
Abstract LanguageEnglish
AbstractThis video explores the forces that influence personal judgments and beliefs. It defines persuasion and examines the ways in which taste tests, the actions of others, laugh tracks in television programs, shop-at-home television networks, and placebos influence opinions and actions. (Verlag/J.B. - ZPID)
Key Phraseformation of personal judgments & beliefs; definitions of persuasion; functioning of taste tests & actions of others & television laugh tracks & shop-at-home television networks & placebos on opinion formation
Subject Headings*Persuasive Communication
German Subject Headings*Persuasive Kommunikation
*Fernsehen (Medium)
Classification CategoriesSocial Processes & Social Issues [2900; 29]; Communication Systems [2700; 27]
German Classification CategoriesGesellschaftliche Fragen [2900; 29]; Kommunikationssyteme [2700; 27]
DomainPSYNDEX Teaching
Intended AudienceStudents
MethodologyEducational Audiovisual Media [1360; 13]
Update Code200711

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