Literature in PSYNDEX

PSYNDEX Record Contents

PSYNDEX records contain the following:

  • Bibliographic Information
    Author, title, publication year, source (journal or publisher, volume and issue number, pages, ISSN or ISBN, series title)
  • Additional Information
    Affiliation or correspondence address of author, relevant internet addresses, information on parallel publications, dissertation information (location and date, supervisor, academic title), media information
  • Abstract in German and/or English
  • Subject Terms in various categories to make searching and refining search results easier
    Keywords and classification categories in German and English, index terms for methodology, age groups, and geographical location of research population, English key phrase/key concepts, and an English title translation

PSYNDEX records are indexed with the »Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms« published by the American Psychological Association and with some additional subject terms. More than 95% of all records have an abstract.

Sample Literature Records1

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